About Direct Appeal

This year we need to raise $225,000 to achieve our budgeted spending.  It is an incredible feat for a school of our size and yet one that we have been able to accomplish each year. 

In addition to the school auction and Taste of Tribeca programs, we are budgeting between $50,000 to come from the direct giving program.  This Direct Appeal Campaign is designated to close the remaining gap of financial contribution needed for the school.

Last year we met  our goal through the Direct Appeal Campaign and through direct gifts made at the auction.  About half in our community participated in this direct giving campaign.  Some of these families were able to further maximize their donation dollars through company matches. Please find out if your company has a matching program.  Also please remember Grandparents and other family members might also be in a position to support this cause.

To make our Direct Appeal Campaign successful, we hope everyone participates in a way that is meaningful to each of you. Please remember no gift is too small. Participation is the cornerstone of our success.

Here are the items the PTA budget funds:

  • Assistant teachers in every classroom – this is the first priority of PTA funding
  • Residencies we have each year
  • Classroom supplies
  • Singapore Math materials investment